I have been the faculty sponsor of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at my school since the fall of 2014.  After having recentely met with local huddle leaders and FCA officials, I realize the importance of the synergy we create together.  That synergy creates oneness, empowering us all through connecting huddles together.  No FCA huddle should ever feel alone or that they don’t have the help they need.  That being said, I would love to share lessons, videos, and ideas with other FCA huddles via my blog.  Feel free to use any of the ideas in your own huddles below.

YouTube videos:

“God Works Everything For Our Good” is a video that focuses completely on the beauty behind Romans 8:28.  How can God be working for our good when bad things happen?  That question is addressed here through the story of the 1999 St. Louis Rams, the story of Joseph, and the testimony of John Newton, not to mention a personal story of my own.

“Quiet Time” is a video that shows the importance of finding that sacred time daily to grow with God.  So many young student athletes want to do this but have no clue where to begin.  This video will provide plenty of options!  It compares the importance of practicing our sports to get ready for competition directly to the importance of a quiet time preparing us for our Christian walk.  Through the examination of the spiritual gifts these kids have been blessed with, they are sure to find one or two quiet time ideas that will fit their needs.

“Accountability” is a video that is derived directly from Wisdom Walks Sports, an amazing FCA devotional written by Dan Britton and Jimmy Page.  I highly recommend this video for high school or college athletes!  It focuses on building your very own “Dream Team” around you to support you in all areas of life.  The warriors are at your side, going into battle with you daily.  The watchman serves as a mentor above you, and the workman is someone you pour wisdom into.  Learn about all these vital accountability relationships, and encourage your student athletes to seek them out.

“Know Your Playbook” is a video I highly recommend for the middle school student athlete.  So many kids think they are hamstringed into not talking about Jesus at school due to Separation of Church and State.  This could not be further from the truth!  Students actually have more rights than you might think, and this video will dispell plenty of myths with seven rules of the Christian Students’ Playbook.  It tells the emotional story of my last high school football game against my own brother and challenges student athletes to be bold in their faith at school.

“Sharing Your Testimony” is a powerful video that explains the importance of sharing the story of how you came to Christ.  It begins by defining what a testimony is and telling what it can do.  The video then explores the testimony of Paul in the book of Acts.  Finally, you get to hear me share the story of how I came to Christ.  This video will hopefully inspire others to do the same!

“Christian Teacher 101” is not necessarily an FCA video but a video I created for Christian teachers.  I was asked to speak to student teachers at MidAmerica Nazarene University in the fall of 2016 and created this iMovie video to inspire them to live out Christ in the classroom.  I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Free FCA devotions: Would you like 100 free FCA lessons?  Check out the document below!  I was blessed with this last year when my friend and fellow local huddle leader, Danielle, sent it to me.  Feel free to use it with your huddle for lesson ideas.

100 Devotions FCA

Free FCA PowerPoints: During my second year of sponsoring FCA, we began creating our own PowerPoints to present valuable material.  Feel free to use any of the lessons below for your own huddles.  Tweak them as needed to fit your group’s needs.  Be leery that some of the PowerPoint slides will need to be edited as they are fit completely to my huddle at Indian Trail Middle School.

FCA Anxiety and Worry PPT

FCA Bullying lesson

FCA Embracing Easter PPT

FCA Embracing Life PPT

FCA Forgiveness lesson

FCA Giving Thanks lesson

FCA God_s Grace lesson

FCA Keeping the Christ in Christmas

FCA Peer Pressure lesson

FCA Know Your Playbook

FCA Accountability lesson

FCA God Works For Our Good PPT

FCA Perseverance lesson

FCA Quiet Time PPT

FCA Sharing Your Testimony

FCA Spiritual Gifts lesson

FCA Staying Positive Lesson

FCA Underdogs lesson

“FCA videos” were all found on YouTube.  I LOVE these stories and have used plenty of them to inspire lessons.  There are countless more videos out there, so feel free to search on your own; however, these will get you started.  Some of the videos here were used in the PowerPoints above.

FCA videos

“Christian student rights” is a document I refer to in the “Know Your Playbook” video lesson above.  If you would like a copy to give your huddle members, feel free to use this.  It was given to me by a friend at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Christian student rights

Being a writer at heart, a few summers ago I decided to write 40 devotions about sports.  Feel free to pick from any of these lessons to challenge your FCA athletes.  The link is below.

Sports Devos


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