When I added this section to my blog, someone asked me, “Why would you put your competition up for all to see?” This puzzled me. Aren’t all Christian teachers on the same team? God’s team? I am a firm believer in Proverbs 27: 17 which boldly states, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” The following blogs are all ones I have previewed and approve of. Each one provides different ways to connect to Christ. Are all the thoughts the same as mine? Probably not. That would be impossible! But each one provides a different avenue to get to the heart of where the Christian teacher needs to be.


This blog is very professionally done. Twenty years of studies are given here! Can you believe that? My group is barely a year old, so it is extremely reassuring to know that others have been doing this for so long. This lady’s heart is in Christ. When I asked her permission to put her site on here, she responded within the day! I can only hope that you take a moment or two to explore her devotions.


This is another amazing site! It has thoughts for the classroom as well as for teachers in general. Yet another professionally done site. Now, if only I could get my web site to look this cool! I guess that’s what I get for the free blog, not to mention not having a clue how to be creative like this. 🙂 You will certainly find something useful here if you enjoy my devotions.


If you’re looking for some followers (11,871 to be exact right now!), check this baby out! I am astounded by the opening page of this web site which boasts a plethora of devotions by category. If I had an entire day to explore it, I would. Maybe you’re someone with more time than myself, so feel free to take on Angela’s site. I can’t wait to get more into it myself for ideas on how to improve my Bible study.


Here is another site that looks quite appealing, and I cannot wait to get the opportunity to explore it further. These daily devotions are likewise split into categories for you to choose from off to the side. I find this extremely useful considering we all have different issues affecting us–talk about differentiation!


This site is an essential resource in terms of finding out just what you are allowed to do as a Christian teacher.  B. Jane Kulp nails it in her article under the “rights” tab entitled “Shining His Light in a Dark Place.”  I found the information extremely helpful!


This is another blog from a fellow Christian teacher who follows my blog.  Her posts are very authentic and written with a personable, approachable voice.  You are sure to gain wisdom by following it!


This is just a fun Bible Quizzing site that tests your knowledge of the greatest book ever written.  Feel free to quiz yourself, a friend, those you mentor, a neighbor … anyone!


I need to give a shout out to a few VERY helpful websites out there that assist me with scripture. I utilize the internet to its fullest when a topic comes up that I want to find scripture to support. I get on, I type in “scripture about (insert topic here)”, and I see what comes next. Here are my favorite websites:



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