Together We Can

Together we can - ICPCN

Core scripture: “Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.” (Philippians 2:2)

Message: I have felt a bit isolated the past few weeks.  Being cooped up in my room on Zoom calls all day is not my thing.  You might feel it too.  I see the faces of my colleagues in the corner of my screen, but it just isn’t the same.  Before long, you start believing a lie straight from Satan himself that you are alone, drowning in this chaotic world. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In Acts 2 we read about a small group of Christians that felt the same way.  They were the originals.  The first Christians.  Jesus had just ascended to heaven, and they were still mourning His leaving.  I am guessing they felt pretty alone as well. 

Suddenly, a power unlike anything they had ever seen swept through the room.  A fire was lit within them.  This undeniable force led them to speak totally different languages—languages they had never even spoken before.  This wasn’t just a random occurrence. 

This was the birth of the Holy Spirit.

Do you know what happened that day?  The believers united.  The Holy Spirit led them to share that omnipotent power with others, baptizing about 3,000 in all.  They rallied around each other, united in the same purpose, feeding off the Lord’s power.  The world was never the same. 

Christian teachers, much the same, we are all in this together.  We may be alone in our classrooms on Zoom, but we all possess the same power of the Holy Spirit.  God talks about this power in 2 Corinthians 12:9 when He says to Paul, “My power works best in weakness.”

Let’s park there for a minute.  We might feel weak, and we might feel anxiety, but this merely makes way for God to take over.  This is when the power of Christ is at its best!  The Holy Spirit will unite us as one, propelling us to speak technological languages we have never spoken before. 

In less than an hour the 2020 school year begins.  I have no clue what it will bring, but I do know this: the Lord will be with us every step of the way.  Trust in Him.  Feed off each other.  Have confidence that we can and we will do this.  Together. 

Together we can!

Challenge: Reach out to teachers around you.  Lean on the expertise of those who know more than you.  Pray for each other.  Let teachers know that we are all in this together, and that together we can. 

Song application: “Same Power” by Jeremy Camp

I can see
Waters raging at my feet
I can feel
The breath of those surrounding me
I can hear
The sound of nations rising up
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

I can walk
Down this dark and painful road
I can face
Every fear of the unknown
I can hear
All God’s children singing out
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave
The same power that commands the dead to wake
Lives in us, lives in us
The same power that moves mountains when He speaks
The same power that can calm a raging sea
Lives in us, lives in us
He lives in us, lives in us

Just for fun: One clear advantage to remote teaching is that I finally have something I have always wished for: the mute button. 

Prayer: Father, unite all teachers this year through the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Help us rely on that power as we encounter the unknown of the future.  Amen. 

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