Time Management

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Core scripture“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:1-12).

Message: Oh, if you could just hear the thoughts racing through my head.

Gotta grade.  Gotta keep up.  Gotta move.  Gotta mow.  Got errands to run.  People to pray for.  Meetings to attend.  Gotta get ready for my trip to Atlanta.  Gotta prepare Mastery Connect.  Oh shoot, I forgot my niece’s birthday!  Gotta make the boys dinner.  Gotta support my wife.  Got FCA.  Got my son’s birthday.  My wife’s birthday.  Gotta grade—more. 

Stop!  Take a breath.  Breathe.

Ever been there?  Sheesh!  It is like this angst weighs you down, twisting in your soul.  Fun fact from our sermon a few weeks ago: the Bible talks about time about 800 times.  It talks about love 745.  Quite the reminder to make TIME to get into God’s Word.  And to pray.  The best prayer I have found?  Lord, how can You use me?

We all go through different seasons.  Teachers have seasons of grading, rest, meetings, building relationships, and different seasons with our families at home.  What season are you in?  Pause and take a breath.  Ask God where you should devote your time.  If your marriage is struggling, take your spouse on a date.  Got papers to grade?  Crank em out.  Is a friend hurting?  Take them out for coffee or write them an encouraging note.

God, the owner of all time, will give you enough time to do what He needs you to do.  God even stopped time for Joshua so he could win his battle (Joshua 10:13).  What battle are you facing?  “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent” (Exodus 14:14).  Pray.  Meditate on His Word.  The answer will come in how you can be used.

You might feel like I did last weekend when my two foster dogs, both on separate leashes, pulled me opposite directions.  I struggled to reign them in, but when I did, I snuggled them close.  I pet their backs.  I gave them each a quick belly rub.  They quickly calmed down and relaxed.  Christian teachers, God will do the same for you.  Give Him that time, and He will cradle you in His loving arms.

Discussion:  How do you know where God is using you?  How can your plan become God’s plan?  How can you glorify God with your time?

Challenge: Pray and journal about how you could be used by God the most.  Where does He need you?  What priorities should come first?  How can your daily life live out His will for you?

Song application: “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz


Ninety miles an hour going fast as I can
Trying to push a little harder trying to get the upper hand
So much to do in so little time, it’s a crazy life
It’s ready, set, go it’s another wild day
When the stress is on the rise in my heart I feel you say just

Breathe, just breathe
Come and rest at my feet
And be, just be
Chaos calls but all you really need
Is to just breathe

Just for fun: Every now and then you have one of those moments when a great teaching idea blows up in your face.  Last Wednesday’s small group time with my 6th grade boys was just that.  To explore using our talents for God, I let them have a talent show.  Here is what they choose:

  1. My Asperger’s kid blindfolded himself with his sweatshirt, took two pairs of scissors, and clipped ferociously at a sticky note taped to the side of a desk.
  2. Another kid ran across the desks in the back of the room. Yes, he literally ran across!
  3. Another kid stood on a chair, pulled his shorts up to his crotch, and mimicked middle school girls fashion style.
  4. Another kid farted on cue.  Multiple times.
  5. Me? I was going to rap, but I simply prayed to God that this nightmare would end!

Prayer: Father, help me stop and take a breath throughout my day to seek Your wisdom.  May my timetable be Yours.  Amen.

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