Selfless Service

Before reading the post below, pull out your Bibles.  Read Matthew 26: 17-30.  If you are a visual learner, feel free to watch Hollywood’s version of the Last Supper:

The Last Supper: Christ shows the ultimate act of humility and serving here. Before breaking the bread and drinking the wine, He gets down on His knees and washes the feet of His disciples. This may seem sweet and sentimental, almost easy for Christ to do, but here is what gets me. Jesus didn’t just pick and choose whose feet he washed—He washed ALL the disciples’ feet. That would include His betrayer, Judas, and His denier, Peter. In John 13: 14-15, Jesus tells His disciples to wash each other’s feet, following this profound example of serving.

Teachers have the same calling. We are going to have kids that we love dearly, ones that we will struggle saying goodbye to in May, and we will likewise have those stinkers that we’d soon rather see move on. Teachers cannot pick and choose which students we want to serve; we must serve them all. That includes the kid I sent to the bathroom yesterday because he was bouncing in his chair after testing like a tea kettle waiting to blow. The Christian teacher will use Christ as their model to serve all with a selfless heart.

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