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As we prepare our hearts for Easter this week, let’s look back on the significance of each day. I will be blogging about four specific moments: Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the crufifixion, and of course the resurrection. It all began on Palm Sunday. Jesus knew what awaited Him as He stood outside Jerusalem. He knew the pharisees were conspiring amidst the large crowd that would soon be praising Him, yet with boldness and conviction, Jesus led His disciples into a city that would soon turn into a hornet’s nest. Crack open your Bibles. Read Matthew 21: 1-11. Feel free to view the link below if you are a visual learner.

Palm Sunday: There is something about this day that bittersweet for me. I wonder what was going through Christ’s head as He rode through the streets of Jerusalem hearing people shout praises … was He relishing the warm welcome? Or was He heartbroken, knowing the same people that were praising Him that day would soon be calling for His crucifixion in less than one week? The wishy-washiness of the crowd upsets me, but then I connect this to my own life.

How often do I praise God one day then get angry at Him the next? Am I truly praising God no matter what, even thanking Him even for my trials? Paul knows all about trials. He knows that trials produce endurance, and when our faith overcomes adversity, it hardens us (James 1: 2-4). It prepares us for our future struggles. It provides a hope that we can indeed overcome anything through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). The next time you feel like questioning God, let your faith in His perfect will carry you through.

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