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Core scripture: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Message: This week’s blog will be a bit different!  I had this crazy idea … What if I found out a little more about my followers?  What if you all took a few minutes to fill out a quick Google Form so I could understand you better?  What if we all made a commitment to come together next Tuesday morning at 6:30 am central time for a Zoom to talk, encourage, and pray for one another?

I don’t care whether you are a teacher, paraprofessional, administrator, pastor, or just a fellow Christian who wants to be heard.  I want to hear from you!  Below you will see a Google Form to fill out before next week and a Zoom link to connect with a plethora of Christian teachers.  If we all made the commitment to be there, imagine the possibilities!  Please share this with other Christ followers as well.

We could encourage each other.  Laugh a little.  Share some stories from the classroom and even impart wisdom on one another.  We could share praises and prayers from our lives and certainly make time to pray at the end.  If any of you have any other ideas on how we could connect, feel free to email suggestions to theteachersdevotional@gmail.com or reply to this blog post. 

So, get your coffee ready!  Bring your breakfast.  Let your kids video bomb you from behind, asking where their shoes are for school.  I will start the Zoom at 6:30 am central and let it go until it runs out.  Come and go as you please.  If you can only hop on for a few minutes to say hi, I will not be offended.  I just want to see your faces!  And we will close in prayer a little after 7:00 am central. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we ALL make up the body of Christ.  I cannot wait to see if this event might link teachers together to survive the last few weeks of school.  It is time to throw away that survive mentality and replace it with a THRIVE mentality.  Together, as one body, we will flourish!

Google Form: I would love to learn a bit more about those who are following my blog so I can best tailor my messages for my audience.  I promise this will not take more than a few minutes.  Here is the link: https://forms.gle/7wLbp8fFJMCrC77c7

Zoom Info and Link:

  • When: Next Tuesday, April 18 (6:30 am to 7:15 am central; come and go as you please!)
  • Where: On the Zoom link below
  • What: To encourage, share wisdom, connect, and pray together
  • Why: Because we are Christ followers and we can! 
  • What: To discuss any of the questions below …
    • What scripture helps you power through the end of the school year?
    • What memorable lessons do you do to keep students engaged?
    • What are some classroom management ideas to help survive the end of the school year?
    • What funny stories do you have to share from the classroom?
    • What can we do as Christ followers to support one another?


Meeting ID: 789 4396 6235

Passcode: m3aPtk

Suggestions: What is on your heart?  Is there any topic you would appreciate a Christlike perspective about?  Feel free to email me anytime at theteachersdevotional@gmail.com, and I will prayerfully consider your topic for my blog.

Just for fun: I love my mom.  She had an amazing Easter brunch for our family on Sunday, she had some fun yard games to play, and she organized an egg hunt, too.  Names are not necessarily, however, her forte. When we were watching the end of the Masters golf tournament on TV, she accidentally mixed-up Jack Nicholson with Jack Nicklaus in conversation.  Slight difference there, Mom.  😊

Jack Nicklaus
Jack Nicholson

Prayer: Father, help us realize the importance of connecting next week!  Give us courage to share and wisdom to impart on other believers.  Amen.

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