Mahomes Magic

Core scripture: “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.” (Colossians 3:12)

Message: I love Patrick Mahomes.  Not the type of love that would be confused with Valentine’s Day … although this is coincidentally being written on Valentine’s Day.  Crud!  This is the kind of love that might be translated as admire.  I suppose I should explain.

Watching Mahomes on TV the past five years has been magical.  No look passes … left-handed throws … jaw dropping scrambles.  Now that he has garnered his second Lombardi trophy, he could let all those moments go to his head.

But he doesn’t. 

Mahomes is the epitome of humility.  Sports writers will try to bait him into saying he is the best, but he will quickly flash his shy smile and distribute the credit elsewhere.  He will praise his teammates and the fans.  He will say he is just grateful for the opportunity.  Others might be soaking in the limelight.  Mahomes shifts it to his team.

It was not a surprise when I discovered Mahomes is a Christian.  My mom sent me a picture of a black shirt that reads “All I need is a little bit of Chiefs and a whole lot of Jesus.”  I finally realized a convenient way to spend a chunk of that $50 Amazon gift card I got for Christmas. Thank you Dustin Gossett!

Then I noticed the other little things that Mahomes does to display his faith.  After running onto the field in the Super Bowl two nights ago, he knelt in a quick prayer, pointing upwards following.  In an interview he said he patrols the field before each game, praying at the goalpost.  Mahomes never fails to credit God before anything else (see YouTube link below).

Mahomes likewise owns up to mistakes.  He knows he is not perfect.  He resists the temptation to cast blame elsewhere.  His receiver might have run the wrong route, but Mahomes will take responsibility.  He becomes the scapegoat.  How could any fan not admire that humility? 

I look at the other qualities listed in Colossians 3:12. Kindness: He shows true joy in reaching out to others through his charity, The 15 and the Mahomes Foundation.  Compassion: If someone is struggling, he walks alongside them.  Patience: He will clap and encourage the receiver who drops a pass as opposed to ridiculing them. 

Finally, who can discount the grit.  The perseverance.  The sheer guts.  Mahomes never gives up.  We all watched him fight that high ankle sprain through all three playoff games.  But how did he win both the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl?  With his feet on two awe-inspiring scrambles.

Man.  All these amazing qualities found in the Chiefs hero!  Somewhat reminiscent of qualities I see in someone else …

Jesus knew he would be betrayed, yet He showed compassion, washing His disciples’ feet (John 13:1-5).  When Jesus was betrayed and arrested, He became the scapegoat and told them to let his “teammates” go (John 18:8).  Christ persevered through scourging and crucifixion—slightly more than a bad ankle (John 19:17-27). 

But be leery.  If Patrick Mahomes found out he was being compared to Christ, he would react with complete humility.  He deflects the glory he receives to the One who deserves it.  Chiefs fan or not, you have to respect that. 

Don’t be Mahomes in your classroom.  I mean, I can’t imagine passing out Valentine’s Day candy today with no-look flicks of my wrist.  Be like the One who paid the price of love for everyone.  Be Jesus! 

Challenge: Take the qualities of Colossians 3:12 and emulate them in your classroom: compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. 

Patrick speaks: After watching multiple videos of Patrick Mahomes talking about his faith, this was my favorite.  SO worth the watch!

Scripture study: Read John 18-19 and discuss or journal about the following questions …

  1. How does Jesus show compassion and kindness?
  2. How does Jesus display humility?
  3. How does Jesus epitomize meekness?
  4. How does Jesus model patience?

Song application: “My Story Your Glory” by Matthew West

The story of me was a story of shame
Wrong turns written on every page
So many parts that were so messed up
But I love the part where You showed up
Rewriting my past, rewriting my hurt
Line by line, word by word
And now my story is livin’ proof
There’s not a chapter that you can’t use

My story, Your glory
My pain, Your purpose
My mess, Your message
In all things, I know You’re workin’
One life, one mission
One reason why I’m livin’
All for You, not for me
My story, Your glory

Prayer points: Lift up the following areas to the Lord …

  • Praise God for the opportunities He gives us to use our platform as a teacher to model Christlike character for young minds to see.
  • Pray that Christian teachers can emulate Christ in the classroom on a consistent basis.
  • Praise God for athletes like Patrick Mahomes who do not let their celebrity go to their head.

Just for fun: I have a secret to share.  So, I was at Walmart over the weekend looking for the perfect candy to give my students.  The Valentine’s Day aisle was packed with sweets, but a light from heaven shone down from above amidst boxes of Dum Dum’s.  Will I tell the kids they are dum dums?  Nah.  If they only had Smarties! 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for athletes like Patrick Mahomes.  Help me use the pedestal You give me to glorify You as he does.  Amen.

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