Summer Highlights

My family hiked to this scenic waterfall in Oklahoma on the first day of our family vacation.

Core scripture: “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Message: I have this problem.  It is called I have so much to write about, but I haven’t made the time to blog about it in over a month.  I mean, how can I do this blog justice, recapping all that has happened over the past month since I last posted?  Believe me, my absence from writing here has not been for lack of material but more for lack of time.  I have wondered how to write this for a while now, and finally, I have decided to simply highlight my summer with snippets of impact throughout the last few weeks.  These are in no particular order.  Enjoy!

  1. Kids Week: This is our church’s VBS, and it happened back in June.  It was a huge breakthrough to get our next door neighbor’s daughter to join my boys there.  She absolutely loved the experience and has asked to return to our church.  I would love the opportunity to sit down with my neighbor to have a heart to heart with him.  To see his family get plugged in to our church would be a huge victory for our God!
  2. Jodie Karsak: I love doing part-time work for Fellowship of Christian Athletes; however, I can only give them a small chunk of my time during the school year.  Praise the Lord that Jodie Karsak is in the process of being hired as a full-time FCA Olathe employee.  She is currently making connections to find donors to help fund her position.  During this process, Jodi had the opportunity to witness to her estranged dad who lives in Texas.  Not only did her dad agree to help fund Jodie’s position, but he agreed to monthly phone calls led by Jodie so she could teach him the gospel.  How incredible is that! 
  3. Kids Camp: Our elementary youth enjoyed two and a half days at Youthfront.  As for me, I was blessed to be able to mentor the 4th and 5th grade boys’ group which included the two most important boys to me: my two sons.  It was extremely fulfilling helping these boys walk closer to Christ.  My 5th grader got to participate in the torch ceremony, lighting a helium balloon and watching it soar over the Youthfront forest.  I helped my boys load their bags up, gave them a hug goodbye, and took a deep breath, knowing I was staying at camp through the end of the week to be with my middle schoolers.
  4. Middle School Camp: The middle schoolers arrived Wednesday night at Youthfront, and I was mentoring the 8th grade boys along with two amazing high school senior helpers, Zach and Jarrett.  We dove heavily into Discovery Bible Study every morning and had ample time in the afternoon to enjoy the splash park on the lake, which included a blob, canoeing, and tons of inflatables and slides.  My boys grew a lot over the three days we were there, and I was proud of the maturity they showed.  I cannot wait to take them under my wing for the third straight year on Wednesday nights. 
  5. FCA at Olathe South: I had the pleasure of visiting Olathe South football multiple times this summer after meeting head coach, Craig Lewis.  Craig allowed me to promote FCA to both his varsity and freshman football team, and I likewise preached about the importance of accountability in football and in life.  While connecting with Craig over coffee, he showed me a picture of one of my former football players from Indian Trail.  Three nights later, I saw the kid at Aldi, wearing the exact same white T-shirt and cross necklace.  We are going to try to grab coffee before the summer expires. 
  6. Family Vacation: After arriving home from Middle School Camp, I had one day to do laundry and pack before we launched into our 10-day family vacation.  We spent a night in a yurt in Oklahoma, went diamond mining and canoeing in Arkansas, drove to New Orleans for a swamp boat tour and a visit to a gator ranch, and finally ended up in Florida to let our boys see the beach for the first time ever.  My beautiful wife planned the entire trip, and I have to say her organizational skills were impeccable in orchestrating the entire experience. 

It is difficult to believe the summer is almost over.  Before I know it, we will be back at it on August 5.  I am not ready for that quite yet, but I know I will be when the time comes.  In the meantime, it is time to live it up and squeeze everything I can out of the summer that is left.    

Challenge: What has highlighted your summer?  I would love to hear from you!  Tell me about your latest vacation.  Write about your church’s VBS.  Anything is fair game!  Reply to my post here and let me know how you are spending your time this summer. 

Prayer points: Make time to lift up the following areas to the Lord …

  • Pray that my neighbor and his wife will have their hearts softened and be receptive to our offers to invite them to church. 
  • Pray that Jodie Karsak will find the right connections to fund her position by the end of July.  If you would like to contact Jodie to help her in this goal, e-mail her at
  • Pray that all the campers from Youthfront, elementary and middle school alike, will grow in their walks with Christ and apply what they learned at camp.
  • Praise God for everything the Lord is doing through FCA at Olathe South High School!  Pray that Craig Lewis and Dennis Burkett can combine their forces to take FCA to the next level.
  • Praise God for our family vacation over the last week.  There have been too many memories to count!

Just for fun: Say hello to our new friend we met on the airboat swamp tour in Louisiana.  Our tour guide, Kenny, lured him next to our boat with a few gator calls and some marshmallows. 

Prayer: Father, thank you so much for the highlights you have blessed me with this summer.  May we utilize every minute we have remaining for Your glory.  Amen.

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