Little Eyes Are Watching

20 Mar – Little Eyes Are Watching – Dayle's Blog

Core scripture: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

Message: I had one of those proud father moments last week.  My 3rd grade son was ready to go to bed.  I apologized to him that it had been a few days since I pulled he and his brother aside for a devotion time before they went to bed.  He looked up at me and proudly replied back, “That’s okay, Daddy.  I did my own devotion.” 

I was taken aback!  Both my boys received a different devotion book for Christmas, and each of them had been doing it on their own.  When I inquired how and why they were doing this on their own, they said it was because they know I do it.  They sometimes see me finishing my devotion time in the morning before I start my day. 

Little eyes are watching.

Before I get too pumped up with pride, there was another moment that happened last week from the opposite extreme.  My wife and I are big sticklers on screen time.  We limit our boys to an hour a day, and my 4th grader called me out in frustration, saying, “Dad, why do I only get an hour when you are always playing Mini Golf King on your phone?” 

Once again, little eyes are watching. 

That makes me wonder … What do my students see when they analyze me in their 13-year-old minds?  Do they see a man who is willing to help?  How do I handle conflict in front of them?  Am I willing to give grace when needed?  Am I easily angered?  Do I use loving discipline?  Are the fruits of the spirit flowing through me in the classroom? 

James 1:22 is quite convicting to me: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”  That is the question we should be asking ourselves.  Are we living out the Word on the job?  When I ask myself that question, I waver.  Sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t.  What I do know is this: consistency is key.

Our students are soaking in every little thing we do.  If they see us encourage, they are more apt to encourage.  If they witness positivity, they are more likely to be positive.  If we act out biblical principles in the way we conduct ourselves … friends, we will be molding young minds with Christian character.  Live out the Word in 2021.  Be a doer of the word.  Why?

Because little eyes are watching.

Challenge: The only way we can live out the Word is if we are in the Word.  How is your quiet time going?  Do you have a plan for the new year?  Are you consistently opening your Bible to soak in God’s wisdom?  Find a way to carve out that precious time so you can grow spiritually.

Prayer points: Please lift the following prayer points to the Lord:

  • Pray that your actions will line up with the faith we share.
  • Pray for students to recover from having time off over break and to get back into a routine.
  • Pray for my school’s FCA huddle.  We are struggling with numbers and need wisdom to cast a vision for the new semester. 

Just for fun: You know you are teaching remotely when the first day back you meet a pet ferret on Zoom.

Prayer: Father, help me model behavior that glorifies You so that others will follow and do the same.  Amen. 

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