New Format/Teacher Survey

Although I liked the format of my blog last year, this year we are going to tweak it a bit.  This is what you will be seeing on a weekly basis.  Every blog will include the following:

Core scripture: A Bible verse that connects the day’s theme to God’s Word

Message: A reflection to challenge the Christian teacher

Prayer: A meditation to close out the message

What I realized from last year is that my two other categories, the song and the challenge, did not apply every time.  Instead of racking my brain every week for those two categories, I will combine those options with other ideas on how to grow with God.  These will include the following:

Song application: Connects a song to the message

Challenge: Gives you a specific task that applies to the message

Quote: Connects a quote to the message

Video: Connects a short video clip to the message

Journal/Accountability: Provides a writing reflection and/or accountability reflection with a trusted friend

Bible story: Connects a longer Bible story to the message

Cinema application: Connects a movie to the message

To better serve my blog followers, I thought I would take time today to ask you all to take a quick survey via surveymonkey.  I promise it will take no longer than a few minutes of your time, and it will likewise provide me with valuable feedback to tailor this blog to meet your needs.  Please click the link below to answer five quick questions over the level you teach and your preferences for what you would like to hear about the first half of this school year, not to mention a few demographic questions.  I value your opinions and will take them into consideration this year as I write.

God bless you all and the wonderful work you do in the classrom!

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