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I created this blog over Winter Break of 2013 to reach out to the teacher Bible study and prayer group that meets in my room on Friday mornings.  Since then, it has spread to readers all over the globe, and I am finding ways to connect with all kinds of Christian teachers.  Recently I have been updating and adding material to my blog to fit the needs of my followers.  I would love to walk you all step-by-step through a quick tutorial on utilizing my blog to fit your needs.

Character Lessons: Teaching character is essential to build positive relationships with students.  No, the Christian teacher cannot cite scripture to students, but the Christian teacher is indeed free to teach character any day.  What is love and how can we show it?  How do we overcome bullying?  What is perseverance?  How can we have the mentality to never quit?   What are some ways to deal with peer pressure?  I have compiled a plethora of useful, inspirational videos to help teach different aspects of character.  Feel free to use them when you have down time or when they connect with material in your lessons.

Contact Me: The easiest way to contact me if you have any questions or concerns is via e-mail at  I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.  Feel free to ask questions, suggest topics, or provide valuable feedback on how I can better meet your needs.

CTC: The Christian Teachers Coalition (CTC) is more of a vision or dream for me.  The idea sprung a few years back when I envisioned Christian teachers uniting together to share ideas, pray for one another, and support one another.  Nothing has officially come of it yet; however, if you are interested in starting something with me along those lines, I would love to hear from you!  I see districts all over the country sprouting their own organizations of CTC to reach out to their own specific needs, seeking wisdom from one another and praying for Christian teachers everywhere.  Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?  Read all about my ideas for CTC on the link provided.

Devotionals: In the fall of 2013 through the spring of 2014, our Friday morning teacher prayer group and Bible study covered different topics through weekly devotionals that I wrote.  Here you have access to all those devotionals.  Feel free to utilize them in your own groups to challenge one another.  Plenty of topics are covered, and they provide excellent discussion.  I stopped writing them when my group switched from a Bible study to strictly a prayer group; however, I still write new weekly blogs that serve as devotionals in their own right.  I do not mind at all if you print them or share them with others.

FCA: I am most excited about this recent addition to my blog.  I have been the faculty sponsor of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for over three years now, and I found a way to attach all of our FCA lessons that we have utilized through the years to share with other FCA huddles.  I likewise have created a handful of videos for FCA that you will see there.  Any of this material is free for the taking to build your own FCA huddle.  Feel free to tweak the PowerPoints to meet your own needs.  If you have any questions about beginning your own FCA huddle, ask questions any time.  I would love to guide you step-by-step through how we created something special at my school.

Music Magic: I recently updated this section to list a plethora of songs that I call “safe songs.”  Safe songs are songs that I play in my class on a regular basis for my students normally as they walk in between classes during passing period.  These songs support Christian morals and character but do not directly refer to God or Jesus; therefore, they are safe to play in class.  Sometimes I will take one of these songs and analyze it for theme if it applies to a novel we happen to be reading.  I likewise have included the link to my own Christian Music Mix that I love listening to by myself during professional days or my plan hour.  Feel free to use any of these songs in your own classroom!

My Story: This tells a generic, quick version of my testimony.  Had you told me I would be writing a blog for Christian teachers 10 years ago, I would have laughed at you; however, after being saved in 2013, I wouldn’t spend my Tuesday mornings any other way than to write on my blog.  Close friends and family know the finer raw details of my testimony, but those details will not go public until the time is right.  My family is still healing from some of those wounds.  Feel free to visit the FCA page referred to above to see the “Sharing Your Testimony” video where I discuss my story and how I share it with others.  My story has made me into the man I am today, and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Resources: These are supplemental Christian teacher resources that I have found through the years.  Christian teachers everywhere should work together to love and serve others humbly.  That is why I embrace the awesomeness of these blogs and websites that challenge Christian teachers to live out Christ in the classroom.  Feel free to check out any of the links there and utilize them for your own needs.

I feel blessed to be in contact with each of you!  My question and challenge for you is this … What will you do with all this information?  Are there any others who might benefit from material on this free blog?  How will you utilize this material in your own classroom?  Matthew 5:16 states, “Let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father.”  Embrace the boldness of a true Christian teacher this school year, and work for something higher, praising God every step of the way.  I will be praying for you all to be the Christian teachers God called you to be.



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