Leave a Legacy

Before this final devotion, read Matthew 28.  If you’d like to see Mel Gibson’s version of the resurrection, check this clip out.

The Resurrection: Even death could not overcome Him.  The Roman soldiers knew Christ had spoken of rising on the third day; therefore, they took extra precaution.  That soldier was guarding the tomb with a watchful eye, thinking the disciples would come in and steal the body (Matthew 27: 63-66).  But when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave, an earthquake shook the grounds and an angel flicked away the boulder like you might flick away a small spider.  This story, this legacy, changed our lives forever, and it is being shared thousands of years later, echoing for all eternity.

The legacy of a teacher lives on through the lives of students.  We are in 4th quarter now.  Have you thought about what legacy you want to leave with a few weeks remaining?  Every year at this time I begin writing each of my students an individualized note of thanks and appreciation.  I start early because writing 115 of these in one week would be next to impossible, but I whittle the list away week by week, telling each kid how much they mean to me.  And yes, some of those letters are difficult to write, but wasn’t it also difficult for Christ to wash Judas’ feet?  I have had parents thank me years later for these letters.  I have been to not one but two graduation parties of former students who proudly showed me their notes in scrapbooks five years after the fact.  Why not give this a try if you haven’t done so already?

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