Worldly Teacher vs. Christian Teacher

The worldly teacher is quite distinct from the Christian teacher. As you read through the list below, try to find out which side you reside on. If you find yourself in some grey areas or on the wrong side altogether, maybe it is time for a change.

The worldly teacher counts down the minutes to Spring Break, aching to leave. The Christian teacher counts down the minutes to Spring Break, making the most of every last second to teach with heart and passion.

The worldly teacher will livestream Big XII basketball games on his computer while the students watch a mindless video. The Christian teacher will catch up on Big XII action later, instead opting to discuss a rich theme from a novel and apply it to the students’ lives.

The worldly teacher will grade on completion, knowing the time saved in grading will make it easier. The Christian teacher will grade with empowering yet challenging comments to students, knowing that feedback will push the kids to success on their assessments.

The worldly teacher will use Spring Break to sleep in every morning, relishing the comfort of the Sleep Number bed. The Christian teacher will use Spring Break to continue rising early to spend time with God, cherishing the spiritual growth.

The worldly teacher will return from Spring Break complaining it was not long enough. The Christian teacher will return from Spring Break praising the extra time off with family and friends.

The worldly teacher will escape from his kids at home over Spring Break and park himself in front of the television for the first weekend of the Big Dance. The Christian teacher will watch his team play in the Big Dance with anxious anticipation, yet he will take his boys to the park as Mercer plays Appalachian State.

The worldly teacher will skip after school supervision duty in favor of scooting out ten minutes early to belly up to the bar that much quicker down the road. The Christian teacher will be holding that stop sign, basking in the beauty of the spring weather, wishing students goodbye until the last one leaves.

The worldly teacher will send out an all-staff e-mail planning an after school rendezvous at the local sports bar. The Christian teacher will send out an e-mail to the parent of a student who really needs support.

The worldly teacher will slide into school at 7:31 am Friday morning, taking the back door to avoid being seen by anyone of superiority. The Christian teacher will arrive a little after 7:00 am and slide into prayer group, lifting up colleagues who are having a rough go and praising the amazing things God does.

The worldly teacher will check their personal e-mail on their plan hour, responding to a friend that wants to enjoy a margarita at happy hour. The Christian teacher will open the googledoc to the prayer list on their plan hour, praying for colleagues in need.

The worldly teacher will kick out an old student that comes to visit after school in favor of clicking around a web site that shows their Spring Break destination. The Christian teacher will close off the same web site after school, reminiscing with that student about the days of old and inquiring about their future plans.

The worldly teacher will click away on the computer during Book It, knowing they are saving time to get out the door early after school. The Christian teacher will dive into Philippians during Book It, attempting to hide powerful scripture in his heart.

The worldly teacher will play mum ball the last ten minutes of class. The Christian teacher will provide students with the opportunity to hear a character lesson the last ten minutes of class, discussing how peer pressure can lead to poor choices.

The worldly teacher will surround themselves with gossips during lunch. The Christian teacher will surround themselves with positive influences that will brighten their day.

The worldly teacher will complain about a needy student. The Christian teacher will utilize that same moment to lift up a positive kid that is doing the job right.

The worldly teacher will arrive at team plan to vent for 45 minutes about the things that are going awry. The Christian teacher will spend five minutes venting then the next 40 minutes devising a plan to help needy students.

The worldly teacher will react in anger toward unruly students on the last day before Spring Break. The Christian teacher will display patience toward the same students, praying for them silently.

The worldly teacher will stay in their room after the final bell rings for Spring Break to begin, deleting e-mails and texting their colleague across the way about what time everyone is meeting for happy hour. The Christian teacher will emerge from their room to wish students well in the hallways as they leave for Spring Break.

The worldly teacher will turn off their Christianity the moment nobody is looking. The Christian teacher will let the Holy Spirit drive their day, walking purposefully for the Lord.

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