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I am a man who prizes God’s truth, but I am also a man who respects the opinions of my followers. This blog was created in December of 2013 to encourage and challenge the colleagues in my prayer group, but since that day we have broadened to a larger viewing audience. I have been blessed with hearing from Christian teachers I never even knew of before but now am connected to through this blog. I do my best to post ideas to encourage you all in your Christian walks; however, today I would like to open the door to hear your voice. Please feel free to either reply to the questions below through a post of your own or if you would rather give me feedback through e-mailing me directly, I would gladly hear you out at theteachersdevotional@gmail.com.

1. Are there any topics you are struggling with that you would like to hear more of?

2. Which tabs on my blog are most useful to you?

3. Are there any tabs that need to be improved? Eliminated? Worked on?

4. Are there any suggestions or wishes you have for what you would like to see?

5. Do you find the posts I make helpful in strengthening your walk with Christ at work?

Feel free to reply below or e-mail me directly with your feedback. May the good Lord drive us all to successes in 2015!

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