God in a Box

Our lives are full of boxes. We open them whenever needed throughout our day. There’s a box for family, work, and hobbies. There’s a box for your quiet time with God, prayer time, and church. There are boxes for household chores, working out, and alone time with your spouse. There’s even a box for playing the Wii just to unwind after a long day (whacking imaginary homeruns on the Wii Sports Fitness Test does the trick for me). Do you ever get overwhelmed with the amount of boxes you open throughout your day?

Even inside these boxes, there are smaller boxes yet. For example, my day at work includes boxes for supervision time, lesson prep, teaching five different classes, grading papers (for some reason that box only gets opened when it HAS to), and time to connect with staff members and students. And then there is my favorite box, the “graze on the faculty treat day buffet line in my plan hour” box. This week I get to throw in Back to School Night as a one-time-only box, not to mention another once-a-month faculty meeting.

I have a question for you … how many times is “God’s Box” open for you at work? Does it come out only when you need Him? Is it an afterthought for you? Do you feel like you communicate with God only when necessary? Maybe when convenient? At the beginning of your day you might whisper a prayer and then go do your thing, but God suddenly takes a back seat to gossip, complaining, apathy, and other sinful desires. It is not that you’re trying to mess up; it is more that the world gets in the way of what you need to do.

I don’t mean to ruffle any feathers out there. Heck, I am guilty as anyone in letting the world get the best of me at work. Guilt burns inside me every time I catch myself contributing to gossip by listening in or maybe letting my patience wear thin with a group of mischievous students. Being a Christian 24/7 is hard! A buddy of mine last weekend called it exhausting, and you had better believe the rest of the believers at our Saturday morning Bible study were nodding our heads with sheepish smiles plastered on our faces.

But here’s the thing … God doesn’t like the lukewarm Christian. He doesn’t call us to open His box when it is convenient. God proposes something downright radical because asks for all of our boxes to be inside one ginormous container entitled “God’s Box.” With every other box swallowed by God’s Box, suddenly God’s hand is involved in every decision. Suddenly the gossip box is sealed shut in favor of opening another box entitled “change the topic.” The “get ticked off at the stinker in your 5th hour that likes to say the word poop” box is left unopened as God reveals another box called “Tough Love” for you.

My challenge for you is simple. Think about how many decisions throughout your day are influenced by the Holy Spirit. Wherever you need help, pray about it. Maybe it is patience. Maybe it is self-control. Wherever your weakness lies, give that area of your life to God, and watch Him work a miracle. Nothing is impossible for our God. Nothing! This is the same God who swallowed death through Christ’s resurrection. The same God who led Gideon’s 300 men to victory over an insurmountable enemy force. Believe in Him today. His omnipotence overwhelms, and His glory is just waiting to be revealed through your every action. Isn’t it time you tossed all your boxes inside God’s Box? Let His loving hand guide your heart today.

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