In the Mind of a Child

Read John 14: 1-31

Now that all the drama is beginning to escape, Christ knows He needs to corral His sheep. All this talk of deception and betrayal was making everyone a little edgy. Wouldn’t you feel the same way had you been there? I know I would have. So Christ proceeds on with some powerful thoughts in John 14 about His purpose and the way the disciples should be living.

I am in the final week of a book of John Bible study myself, and the men I meet with on Saturday morning get a kick out of some of the disciples comments. For one, they always take Christ too literal. Jesus loved speaking in metaphors. He never spoon-fed them anything. This caused more confusion that attempting to teach my three-year-old calculus. Secondly, their questions, although very sincere, show that they just don’t get it.

Before we laugh at the disciples, one must be careful. This was a completely different culture that had never heard of Christianity. Likewise, these guys were babies! They were soaking in everything they could from the Son of God, but some of it was too much for them to handle. Many times Christ would then spell it out for them afterwards, probably with a little force behind His voice I might imagine. I picture Jesus as the coach pushing His players to levels they thought they could never achieve.

Thomas has one of those moments above that leads us all to smack our heads in disbelief. Thomas, how can you not get it, dude? He just spelled it out for you completely! Before I say this, I must attempt to crawl inside this man’s mind, remembering he is but a baby, even an infant at that, in terms of his Christian walk. Interior monologue is a powerful way to do this. The human mind is always working, whirling with question on how the world works. To do this with Thomas, whose legacy sadly enough is known to doubt at the end of this story, would be an interesting perspective to evaluate today. Here we pick up our story with Thomas’ interior monologue at the Last Supper.

Many rooms in His Father’s house? What in the heck is He talking about? Are we moving??? I like it here. Moving would be a bit rough on my family, but if Jesus says so … I suppose I should follow Him. I mean, considering He’s the son of God … that might be a wise choice to follow Him. But what does this mean? Nobody else is talking here. Somebody say something. Anybody … any time now. Seriously? Oh, it’s gonna be like that, huh?


Of course, guys, leave it up to me to say something. Real cool. I know I’ll sound like a doofus, but come on! Somebody say something! John, how about it, man? Peter, you’re a passionate guy—how about boldly yet politely asking Him what this house thing is all about. Come on, Jesus, do we really need to move now? Haven’t we moved enough already? Somebody save me!


Alright, this is pathetic. I see the confusion on all your faces here–yours especially, John! How can you sit there questioning, doubting, and do nothing about it? I’m not a fan of those who doubt–especially those who doubt until they actually see something. Those people really frustrate me. Alright, I’m taking one for the team here. You will all now have the privilege of being enlightened since I am forced to be the bold one here.

“Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” (John 14: 5).

There. That wasn’t bad. Do you all feel better now? I certainly do. Alright, stop thinking. Let Him explain! Is it even possible to turn my brain off for a second and listen? Listen, silly. Listen!

(Christ explains that the Father is always in Him, just as the Holy Spirit will always be in them.)

Alright, I believe this guy—once again, Son of God and all that. This is great stuff—but what in the HECK is He talking about here? So, some spirit is going to be inside me? What in the heck is this Holy Spirit thing? I don’t want a ghost inside me. Am I going to be invaded by a ghost? Am I going to be possessed??? Thanks for the warning, Jesus, but maybe you’ll expand on this one.

Judas looks like he has something puzzling him. Maybe he’ll speak up here.

Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?” (John 14: 22).

Good question, Judas! I want to tell the world about this man, yet only I will have Him inside me? I hope he explains Himself here.

(Christ explains further to keep His commandments and not to worry.)

Keeping His commandments … that certainly means all of them. I hope I get a refresher course before Jesus leaves us. Which sounds like it might be happening … soon??? Is there any way I can keep up with all this? How in the world will I remember everything He told me? Maybe that Holy Spirit will help out. Hopefully this is a good spirit. I don’t want any bad spirit in me.

(Christ says they are leaving).

Jesus, you are my master, and I will follow you wherever you go. Once again, that whole Son of God thing is playing the trump card to drive me to follow you. I will follow you wherever. You are my one and true Lord, and there is no going back to the way I was before I knew You. You’re just that amazing, that special to me.

Where are we going, Jesus? Are we moving into your Father’s house yet? I’ll put my place on the market; just give me some time. Where does your Dad live by the way? Is he here in town? I heard His place is pretty nifty.

(And if you took the time to read this, I hope you find that place special too.)

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