Welcome to Easter!!!

Well, here we are the eve before Palm Sunday. Two thousand years ago that first Palm Sunday was quite a week, wasn’t it? Talk about a roller coaster of emotions whipping you every which direction! My suggestion? Crack open one of the gospels this week. Let Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John walk you step by step through this tumultuous yet victorious week. My words here are merely human. Those words there are truth. They’re untouchable. They are the ultimate, and they will lead you to better understand the last week of Christ’s life.

My words here? Take them for what they are worth. I don’t pretend to be a Bible scholar. I am a former creative writing major turned teacher after I realized the business world wasn’t where God wanted me. God needed me in the classroom, and now I have the privilege and honor of instructing students how to write efficiently, but I digress … right here, right now, this is where I want to be. Writing. It is my passion. Always has been. God blessed me with creativity at a young age, and I yearn to use it for Him.

I have no clue what will be coming out this week on the old blog here, but it will be inspired by the One and only. I will pray every morning before coming here, hoping to let Him speak through me as best I can. I want this week to be an odyssey through Easter week never seen before. So here is my teaser … have you ever wondered what those surrounding Christ were thinking as He went from being worshiped on Palm Sunday all the way to the cross? What would Judas say? Pilate? What about Mary Magdalene? Simon, the one who assisted Christ with the cross? A Roman soldier? The disciples? An innocent onlooker? What about from God? From the slave that got his ear whacked off by Peter? Alright, not sure if I will go there, but you get the point.

A plethora of different folk experienced this momentous event. I want to seek them all out. I want to dig into their beings and find out what they saw. A time machine would let me see this all firsthand, but I’m sorry … Michael J. Fox and his DeLoreon just aren’t around! And yes, I got this idea by my wife talking about a Jodi Picoult book, but this will be different. This will be different perspectives, different diaries, different first-hand accounts from the original cast of characters. No worries about movie stars botching the roles here. I’m digging straight into the characters’ minds. An entry a day. Is that even possible? I suppose I’ll find out soon. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Read on this week. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Lord God, I pray for this week of Easter that we all can quiet our own lives to see You more clearly. Let this weekend be more than just an egg hunt, more than chocolate bunnies and Peeps. Let my mom still make those cream puffs that my Meemaw made though because that is a tradition that is holy in all itself! In all sincerity, Lord, just guide us to where we need to be every day. Let that Holy Spirit inside our souls whisper encouragement, spurring us on to seek out neighbors, friends, and family that may be un-churched. And let the glory of the Resurrection reign supreme. Amen.

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