Not my will but Your will

What does it mean to submit to God? Where are those areas in your life where you’re possibly doing a noble thing but maybe it isn’t the right timing? Or maybe you’re at the other end. Maybe you KNOW you’re sinning and need to turn back to God’s path. Whatever your situation may be, Christ models submission for us as He prays on the Mount of Olives.

The situation is bleak. This is Jesus’ last quiet moment to Himself before He is ultimately led to the cross. Every human instinct would shy away from what this man is about to do. Walking straight to your death? Who in their right mind would even want to entertain this thought? Well, Christ for one. He pleads with God, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22: 42, NIV).

Christ’s words here pack a tsunami-esque punch. He’s basically saying that He’d rather not go through this, but if it is in God’s will, He will submit wholly and fully. What an awesome example to follow in our own lives! That kind of faith just doesn’t grow here! Yet we can have it. We can trust in God’s will and confidently stride forward, knowing that the world may not understand, but someone else does. And that Someone is a whole lot bigger than anything here in this world. As a matter of fact, He MADE this world.

So I ask you again … Are there any areas of your life that you need to readjust? Think of God’s will for you and where He is driving you. What would God want you to do? That is the million-dollar question we should ask ourselves daily. Hourly. Heck, even every minute! If the Holy Spirit is truly inside us, let that urge propel you forward to God’s will. We can be in tune with that inner voice, that urge to do what God thinks is right, by diving into God’s Word, His Truth every day.

Lord, we have so many decisions to make in our lives. Please let our decisions not be our own but Yours. Wherever you go, we’ll follow. Even if it is down a path that may not be the most popular in human eyes, we have faith that You know what is best for us. We pray this in the name of the man who modeled submission better than anyone else, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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